Samsung Ho-Am Prize Ceremony 2023

On June 1, 2023, Marcia Haigis, who served as Haejin’s former postdoc training mentor, received the prestigious Samsung Ho-Am Prize in Medicine. This is truly amazing!
2023. 6. 1

The Yoon lab won the UIRP (Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Project) competition 

The goal of the 2022 Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Project (UIRP) was to bring together students from various majors to engage in interdisciplinary projects, enhancing their creative problem-solving skills and gaining research experience. From March 2022 to December 2022, Professor Yoon Hyejin’s team in the Department of Life Sciences collaborated with students from diverse backgrounds, including BME student Jinhee Moon, CSE student Chan Jang, and ECHE student DaeHyun Lee, to conduct UIRP research on elucidating the role of mitochondrial fatty acid metabolism in metabolic diseases.
The first sub-topic involved conducting research to develop a new algorithm for calculating the size and volume of mitochondria, specifically the cristae, from Transmission Electron Microscopy (TEM) images. The traditional methods for quantifying the number, size, and volume of mitochondria, which are well-established for fluorescence images, are challenging to apply to TEM images. Instead of manually drawing regions of interest (ROI) one by one, we used deep learning to segment mitochondria pixel by pixel, enabling easy quantitative analysis of mitochondria. Currently, we are compiling our research results to prepare a high-impact research paper for publication in a scientific journal.
The second sub-topic focused on finding diagnostic markers that can accurately identify cancer cells in drug-resistant cell lines (see question figure). While conventional research methods for identifying biomarkers associated with drug resistance are well-known, we developed an analytical method for discovering new biomarkers. We performed RNA sequencing analysis on breast cancer cell lines treated with Doxorubicin for three months to identify genetic differences. Using this data, we developed a method for functionally clustering genetic differences by calculating the chances of co-expression of the same genes using SELECT/Outlier algorithms.
Our research team not only achieved meaningful research results over the course of a year but also received the highest award and popularity award in the program, marking a significant accomplishment.
2022. 12. 22

UNIST-Summer Undergraduate Research Fellowship (U-SURF) 

The application for U-SURF program opens 30th, May (5/30-6/8). Please get an opportunity to join internship in Cellular Energy Metabolism lab this summer. You can get more information in here (
2022. 05. 29

The Grand Opening – Newlab

Cellular Energy Metabolism lab is opened! Please join Yoon lab!
2022. 05. 28